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Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass

We are all only too aware of the current environmental issues which are continually being driven home to us from all around the world. Never has the damage human activities cause to the environment been so easy to see. The devasting floods, long hot summers, rising sea levels, super storms, tornados, and the coldest and longest winters on record. All these environmental concerns have hit the UK over recent years and are becoming more and more frequent. We are all affected by these environmental issues and we all have a responsibility to change our habits and ensure the future of our home we call Earth.

So what can we do? - The best place to start is with our every day lives - what are our habits, our trends what makes us do the things we do and is there an alternative to them? We all know how seperating our waste into different recyclable waste streams is driven at us more and more every day, the same with cars and driving and energy conservation - well what about the things that aren't waste, we should start at home and the garden is as good a place as any.

Do you have a lawn - Do you use fertilizers, pesticides & weed killers - how much water does your garden consume, and how often? How often do you cut the grass, and how is your lawn mower powered, and what other power tools do you use?

If any of these points above apply to you, then you are in some way creating a negative impact on the environment. Artificial Grasses Trees and Plants require little or no maintenance and look as good years later as the day they were installed.





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